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concert poster
Concert Changes!

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Wed Dec 01 12:57 PM

Carnival brings in more than $10K

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Wed Dec 01 12:05 PM

Veterans Day
Veterans Day

Special Thanks to the NYM VFW Auxiliary for helping us honor veterans last Thursday morning. Here are some photos from the two separate programs.

Mon Nov 22 11:53 AM

band concert
November Concerts

The NYM HS Choir and Band took the stage in November for the first concerts of the year.

Mon Nov 22 11:44 AM

The play that goes wrong
The Play that Goes Wrong

The NYM Drama Department had a lot of fun in this year's fall play. They performed the comedy called "The Play that Goes Wrong."

Mon Nov 22 11:33 AM

50th Day
Fiftieth Day

Did you know last Nov. 18 was the 50th Day of School? Per tradition, first graders dug out their fifties outfits to celebrate the day in style. Besides dressing up, the school day was full of activities in honor of the day. They even had a bubble gum blowing contest and learned some fun dance moves.

Mon Nov 22 11:21 AM

Football to State
Football Photos

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Tue Nov 16 01:15 PM

fourth grade costumes
Halloween 2021 Photos

Halloween Photos

Tue Nov 02 02:24 PM

measurements lab
Measurement Lab

Juniors in chemistry spent Monday on the practice field putting their skills of measurement to practice. Prior to this outdoor "Measurements Lab," students learned the importance of accurate and precise measurements in science, especially chemistry. Despite a predisposition for feet and inches, groups were able to measure their frisbee throw distances to five (5) significant figures in the metric system. Interestingly, our European exchange student, Charlotte Holmstroem, was quite pleased to learn the athletic department's measures have both metric units on one side of the tape!

Tue Oct 19 10:47 AM

field trip to the fire hall
Field Trip to the Fire Hall

As part of Fire Safety Week, NY Mills first grade students have been learning about fire departments, fire trucks, and important fire safety tips. To end the week, first graders took a field trip to the NY Mills Fire Hall, where NY Mills Firefighters Brandon Marsh and Tyler Wegscheid (who are both dads to NY Mills first graders) were on hand to answer questions about the different trucks and equipment they use. We would like to thank Tyler and Brandon for the amazing tours, as well as extend a huge THANK YOU to all NY Mills Volunteer Firefighters for always being ready to serve our community.

Fri Oct 08 01:58 PM