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Health Screening Info:

  • Parents must perform a health screen on their student prior to coming to school
    Link for home screening tool:
    -  has a temp of 100° or greater, or feeling feverish
    - has chills
    - has a new or worsening cough
    - has shortness of breath
    - has a new sore throat
    -has new muscle aches
    - has a new severe headache
    - has new loss of smell or taste
    * Please Note that when MDH updates the screening tool, these questions may be a bit different.

  • If student is not feeling well, PLEASE keep them home. If questions on how long to keep them home- call the Health Office – 218-385-4216
  • To ride the bus: students MUST be in a mask the whole bus ride
  • Remind students to bring water bottles to school as no fountains will be available, just the filling stations
  • Encourage students to have a back-up mask available (in case their mask gets soiled)
  • Focus on good hand-hygiene this year
  • Ensure parent/emergency contact information is updated in our system. If your child becomes ill at school, please have a plan to pick them up.
  • Please Note: In the case that your student has exposure to anyone who tests positive for Covid, and it has been determined that your student had close contact with that person- You WILL be notified.
  • We encourage you to let the Health Office know if someone in your family tests positive for Covid or if your student has been exposed to someone who tests positive for Covid. The Health Office can help you determine who all in your family may need to isolate or quarantine and for how long.


Here is the link to the Decision Tree for exclusion that we will utilize to determine if/when a staff or student needs to go home:

For Covid-related questions, please email MDH at:

As always, feel free to contact Jodi in the Health Office 218-385-4216 or email