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NYM High School 2020 Graduation Schedule


Dear Graduates and Parents of the Class of 2020,

Thank you for taking the time to come to the New York Mills School last week for the individual sessions for the virtual graduation video. We had an amazing turnout of graduates and families. We hope you enjoyed the graduation ceremony we were able to offer our students. The NYMHS Virtual Commencement Ceremony is coming along well. It will be set to start at 5 P.M. on Friday, May 22. We hope that you and your families will watch this video together, along with the community of New York Mills. 

On May 8, 2020, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) released guidelines for Minnesota schools regarding graduation ceremonies. The safety and well-being of Minnesota’s students and their families, school staff, and community members is our number one priority. These guidelines were made with public health protection in mind, and adhering to them is how we will both celebrate our students and move safely through this challenge together. We know how much students in the class of 2020 have sacrificed this year, and how disappointing it is not to participate in the milestones or traditions they had envisioned. 

The Governor’s Executive 0rder 20-56 specifically states, “drive-in gatherings are permitted, provided that all participants remain within their vehicle and follow all guidelines provided by MDH.” Therefore, after consultation with the district’s legal counsel and the district’s insurance underwriter, we have decided that our graduation ceremony will be the virtual ceremony produced on video. In addition, we will have a Diploma Conferring Ceremony, in which diplomas will be delivered to our graduates. 

The evening activities will include the conferring of the diplomas in the NYMSchool parking lot at 6:45 P.M. on Friday, May 22. This event has been altered to align with the new, stricter guidelines found in the executive order and MDH’s recommendations. Although this conferring of diplomas will look different from what we originally planned, the new event will continue to honor the New York Mills graduates of 2020. Specific details about this event have been bulleted below. 

Due to the MDH guidelines, along with law enforcement recommendations, the NYM School will no longer host a parade or a class photo. To do either of these activities would be to condone social gathering, and the district can not organize, promote, or sponsor such events. We know how much students in the class of 2020 have sacrificed this year. We understand the disappointment that students might be feeling when they are not able to participate in the milestones or traditions typical for NYM seniors. We also believe that NYM students and families understand that this situation is completely out of our control. 

As mentioned above, the conferring of diplomas will look different from what we had originally anticipated. We have made adjustments to the event to stay in line with the state guidelines. Details are as follows:

  • This event is NOT mandatory. Any graduate can request his or her diploma to be mailed instead of taking part in this ceremony.
  • The state has mandated that persons displaying Covid-19 symptoms should NOT attend this event. 
  • All attendees will stay in their vehicles throughout the event. 
  • Graduates should wear caps, gowns, cords and stoles during the event. Everything except the tassel will be returned following the event. 
  • No vehicles will be allowed on the school property prior to 6:30 P.M. Immediately following the ceremony, all vehicles should leave the school property. 
  • Only one vehicle is allowed per family. Attendees include parents or guardians. (If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact the High School Office to request two vehicles)   
  • Please look at the map which will be provided (this will be sent out next week) and park in your assigned area. All attendees are to remain in their vehicles at all times in compliance with Governor Walz’s executive order.
  • After Ms. Young’s welcome, diplomas will be delivered to each graduate’s vehicle as his or her name is being read. 
  • Professional photographers will be taking photos. These photos will be shared with senior families following the event. 
  • After the conferring of the diplomas, graduates are asked to please place their cap, gown, cords and stoles in the blue receptacles near the exit of the parking lot. 

After the conferring of the diplomas for all graduates, you may leave the school parking lot. This will conclude the evening.

New York Mills Class of 2020, please know that you have a community of support around you.

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